Friday, December 4, 2015

Brenda Maurao - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Brenda Maurao
Brenda Maurao



I am an assistant principal at the Fred W. Miller Elementary School in Holliston, Massachusetts. I work hard to focus on the positives in life- both at school and at home!

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

I was called into two classrooms so teachers could share the ways they integrated Padlet into their work with students for the first time- hooray! So proud that they are taking risks!

Joy Allovio - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Joy Allovio
Joy Allovio



I am third grade teacher in Central Texas. I have been teaching for 12 years and I love it! I enjoy spending time with my students and I love to see them get excited about learning!

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

My FlyHighFri moment for this week comes from a math lesson we did yesterday. We were discussing even and odd numbers and whether numbers were divisible by 2. We added 2 odd numbers to see whether we would get an even number or an odd number. We tried to add different amounts of numbers to see if we would get an odd or an even number. My kids loved it! Thanks for the idea: @mrsjohnscce.

Karrie Marciniak - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Karrie Marciniak
Karrie Marciniak



My name is Karrie Marciniak. I am a reading intervention teacher. I created a program called Paws For a Book that brings therapy dogs into our school to listen to kids read. It also offers opportunities for kids in 2nd-5th grade to engage in volunteerism.
FlyHighFri moment this week: 

Therapy dogs dressed in Halloween costumes reading with 1st graders.

Connie Rockow - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Connie Rockow
Connie Rockow

@crockow8 & @GVSciBat


I'm a HS science teacher at the Batavia Career & Technical Center in Batavia, NY. I am currently training to become an instructional coach. I am super excited to have the opportunity to participate in the coaching model using both SWIVL for video coaching and Musion, an avatar based teaching & learning simulator.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

A teaching colleague of mine took the leap and tried something outside of his normal teaching repertoire. Student feedback was tremendous! They loved the non-traditional approach that he took. It was a win-win for both the teacher and his students! Love seeing my colleagues take risks and try new things! #GrowthMindset

Friday, November 27, 2015

Brad Spirrison - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Brad Spirrison
Brad Spirrison



Manage teachers relations and content for Participate Learning. Live in Chicago with my wife and kindergarten-aged son.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

My passion is education and I am blessed to speak with dozens of teachers a week for my job. My appreciation for teaching, however, was never higher than when I volunteered to help teach my kindergartner son's computer class. I of course planned and did my homework in advance to find out what computers, resources, etc. they were using and how I could be of most assistance. What I couldn't plan for, of course, was 24 five-year-olds asking me questions at the same time, closing out of their Chrome windows, and - in my son's case - moving on to the next assignment before completing his own! In 30 short minutes, I felt exhaustion, frustration, uncertainty - but ultimate fulfillment. Nothing replaces the look on a young child's face when they understand a new concept. Needless to say, I went to bed about 2 hours earlier than usual that night!

Catherine Graybosch - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Catherine Graybosch
Catherine Graybosch



I am a librarian first and a department chair of media and informational technology. I love working with my middle school teachers and students. Life-long learning is key!

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

Being asked to collaborate with 3 sixth grade science teachers to change their organism project completely and bring it into the 21st century.

Stacie Ferrara - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Stacie Ferrara
Stacie Ferrara



High school vice Principal at Manchester Township High school at the Jersey Shore finishing my dissertation for my Ed.D in Ed Leadership at Saint Peters University on teacher self efficacy and the effectiveness of science labs. Love to run, read, knit and influence.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

Students getting outside to use the sun and shadows to calculate and solve problems.