Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mari Venturino - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Mari Venturino
Mari Venturino

Bio: I am a 7th grade science & AVID teacher in San Diego, CA. This year, I have also been granted the role of "Blended Learning Specialist" aka tech resource teacher.

FlyHighFri moment this weekThis week, I noticed a huge turn-around in one of my AVID students. Previously, he has had behavior issues and I was considering dropping him from the AVID program. Now, he is a hard worker, asks great questions during class, and is kind to those around him. I emailed his grandmother, and she was thrilled to hear about the 180 flip both academically and behaviorally.
Also, I love getting together on Fridays with my work colleagues, and chatting about the great things happening in our school and classrooms. I have seen a noticeable shift in school culture this year surrounding positivity! 

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