Friday, November 27, 2015

Brad Spirrison - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Brad Spirrison
Brad Spirrison



Manage teachers relations and content for Participate Learning. Live in Chicago with my wife and kindergarten-aged son.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

My passion is education and I am blessed to speak with dozens of teachers a week for my job. My appreciation for teaching, however, was never higher than when I volunteered to help teach my kindergartner son's computer class. I of course planned and did my homework in advance to find out what computers, resources, etc. they were using and how I could be of most assistance. What I couldn't plan for, of course, was 24 five-year-olds asking me questions at the same time, closing out of their Chrome windows, and - in my son's case - moving on to the next assignment before completing his own! In 30 short minutes, I felt exhaustion, frustration, uncertainty - but ultimate fulfillment. Nothing replaces the look on a young child's face when they understand a new concept. Needless to say, I went to bed about 2 hours earlier than usual that night!

Catherine Graybosch - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Catherine Graybosch
Catherine Graybosch



I am a librarian first and a department chair of media and informational technology. I love working with my middle school teachers and students. Life-long learning is key!

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

Being asked to collaborate with 3 sixth grade science teachers to change their organism project completely and bring it into the 21st century.

Stacie Ferrara - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Stacie Ferrara
Stacie Ferrara



High school vice Principal at Manchester Township High school at the Jersey Shore finishing my dissertation for my Ed.D in Ed Leadership at Saint Peters University on teacher self efficacy and the effectiveness of science labs. Love to run, read, knit and influence.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

Students getting outside to use the sun and shadows to calculate and solve problems.

Elissa Nowaki - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Elissa Nowaki
Elissa Nowaki



I'm in my 19th year teaching at John F. Long Elementary in Phoenix, AZ. I've run the gamut from 6th grade mainstream to 5th grade gifted cluster to 3rd grade SEI. Finishing my second Master's in Ed. Leadership in Jan.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

My SEI 3rd graders applied their understanding of Thinking Maps Writing to their weekly reading assessment! Yay!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Terrie DeHaan

FlyHighFri, featuring Maria (Terrie) DeHaan
Maria (Terrie) DeHaan



A committed 25 year veteran teacher who recognizes the ball of learning MUST NEVER stop rolling! A proud Golbow BLueJay located in the mighty Katy ISD.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

After reading an article my former AP posted,, I committed to Student-led Conferences for this school year. The particular conference that I tweeted about, led to some powerful commitments by student, parent, and teacher. At the end of the conference., the parent touched my heart by stating, "Thank you for your passion and commitment to all of your students." I shed a tear of appreciation then went on to the next student-led conference.

Karly Moura - Fly HighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Karly Moura
Karly Moura



Teacher On Special Assignment (Instructional Coach & Edtech Support Teacher) at Sun Terrace Elementary (@sunterrace1), in Mount Diablo Unified School District. Co-creator of #TOSAchat. GAFE Qualified Educator. New to the blogging world.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

This Friday we ran our own edcamp style professional development for the staff of Sun Terrace and Fair Oaks Elementary school. New and veteran teachers stepped up to facilitate fantastic sessions about Google Classroom, Math Practices, Hyperdocs, Classroom Management, iPads in the Classroom, NGSS, STEM and MORE! Watching my incredible staff take the leader role and share their awesome with each other and the fabulous Fair Oaks staff was definitely a HUGE FlyHighFri moment!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Mike Dotson - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri featuring Mike Dotson
Mike Dotson


I'm a SPED teacher at an innovative highly underrated theme school in south San Diego. When I'm not teaching or spending time with the family, I'm surfing!

Fly High moment this week:
My FlyHighFri moment took place early in the week when I introduced algebra tiles to my 8th graders. To my students, attempting to use the tiles was likened to handling an abacus! Needless to say, they weren't accustomed to using the tiles and trying was getting them very frustrated. After a several explanations and plenty of modeling, something clicked and voila, my students got it and by the end of the lesson they were using the tiles to simplify expressions on their own. I have to say, this moment, although somewhat inconsequential, was pretty big for these kids and for myself.

Eric Feldman - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri featuring Eric Feldman
Eric Feldman

I teach SPED in Collingswood HS in Collingswood, NJ American History, SUCCESS 101,and the Twilight ALT ED class.

Fly High moment this week:
Students working on collaborative goggle docs for the first time

Tamara Letter - Fly High Fri

FlyHighFri, featuring NAME



I'm a tech integrator and instructional coach providing professional development for teachers, students, and district leaders in Hanover County Public Schools. I also enjoy blogging about random acts of kindness ( and educational joy (

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

Surprising teachers with cookies for being connected educators and signing up for my training reminders via Remind.