Friday, November 27, 2015

Brad Spirrison - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri, featuring Brad Spirrison
Brad Spirrison



Manage teachers relations and content for Participate Learning. Live in Chicago with my wife and kindergarten-aged son.

FlyHighFri moment this week: 

My passion is education and I am blessed to speak with dozens of teachers a week for my job. My appreciation for teaching, however, was never higher than when I volunteered to help teach my kindergartner son's computer class. I of course planned and did my homework in advance to find out what computers, resources, etc. they were using and how I could be of most assistance. What I couldn't plan for, of course, was 24 five-year-olds asking me questions at the same time, closing out of their Chrome windows, and - in my son's case - moving on to the next assignment before completing his own! In 30 short minutes, I felt exhaustion, frustration, uncertainty - but ultimate fulfillment. Nothing replaces the look on a young child's face when they understand a new concept. Needless to say, I went to bed about 2 hours earlier than usual that night!

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