Friday, November 6, 2015

Mike Dotson - FlyHighFri

FlyHighFri featuring Mike Dotson
Mike Dotson


I'm a SPED teacher at an innovative highly underrated theme school in south San Diego. When I'm not teaching or spending time with the family, I'm surfing!

Fly High moment this week:
My FlyHighFri moment took place early in the week when I introduced algebra tiles to my 8th graders. To my students, attempting to use the tiles was likened to handling an abacus! Needless to say, they weren't accustomed to using the tiles and trying was getting them very frustrated. After a several explanations and plenty of modeling, something clicked and voila, my students got it and by the end of the lesson they were using the tiles to simplify expressions on their own. I have to say, this moment, although somewhat inconsequential, was pretty big for these kids and for myself.

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